27 Apr

What is the difference Between Piano and Keyboard?


Image: Piano.
Image: Piano.


Image: A synthesizer with keyboard.
Image: A synthesizer with keyboard.

 Before we move on to the difference between piano and keyboard, let us deep dive and understand more about the two instruments.

Know about piano and keyboard


A piano has 88 keys giving you the full range of notes and sounds. The keys are weighted which means you will feel like you’re playing an acoustic piano, one of those big beautiful instruments you might hear a pianist playing in a concert.


Keyboards have a veriety of looks, sounds , rhythms, connectivity to computers and more. This can make music, a lot of fun for beginner of any age. In either case, to get things right, the trick is to try a wide selection of instruments.

Particular Difference between piano and keyboard




piano keyboard 
  • It covers the complete range of 88 keys, 52 white, and 36 black.
  • In other words, the piano has 7 and a half octaves.
  • A standard sized keyboard consists of 61 keys, making it shorter than a piano.
  • In other words, a standard-sized keyboard has 5 octaves.


piano  keyboard
  • The keys are weighted which generally makes it difficult to play the piano.
  • A pianist requires a lot of control on fingers to play the piano.
  • Keyboard keys are usually not as heavy as piano keys.
  • This makes it much easier to play.


Piano Keyboard
  • Piano keys are heavy and have a load of hammers behind them.
  • The heavy hammer gives the feeling of playing an authentic instrument.
  • Digital Piano today comes with technologies known as graded hammer keys action. 
  • The keyboard are generally light in weight making them lesser authentic as compared to a piano.
  • Many keyboards today are  touch sensitive, but still it is difficult to match the feel of a piano. 


Piano Keyboard
  • Earlier there were constraints in purchasing acoustic pianos for home use due to its humongous size.
  • But now due to the availability of digital pianos, the sizes have become compact and convenient for home use.
  • The keyboard is an instrument that you can use even in confined spaces.
  • And you can take it anywhere with you conveniently. 


Piano Keyboard
  • Acoustic Pianos are expensive than most instruments starting above Rs. 2 lacs.
  • Digital pianos are cost-effective giving you an authentic feel of the piano.
  • The keyboards come at very reasonable prices starting at Rs. 10,000.
  • This makes it affordable for beginners who want to learn music and explore the instrument.


Piano Keyboard
  • Grand Pianos are generally observed in Hotels, Concerts, Movies, etc. 
  • Acoustic Pianos are preferred by full-time tutors to maintain the instrument authenticity.
  • Digital Pianos are now gaining popularity among beginners and musicians.
  • Keyboard makes an ideal instrument for learner of any level due to its wide variety in terms of features and pricing.
  • Professionals also prefer Keyboards for stage performance due to portability.


Piano Brands Keyboard Brands 
  • Yamaha
  • Steinway
  • Kawai
  • Bosendorfer
  • Yamaha
  • Casio
  • Roland
  • Korg

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