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11 May

Top 3 Keyboards for Beginners 2020

Top 3 Keyboards for Beginners 2020

Buying a new keyboard is surely an exciting decision for many of us and especially for the beginners. But before you begin with your musical journey it is very neccessary to buy a right keyboard as a beginner. And if you have confusion regarding the instruments Piano & Keyboard, then you must definitely read our previous article – Piano vs Keyboard

In this article, we present the Top 3 Keyboards for Beginners. We have done careful analysis of all the 3 keyboards to suit your needs and match your budget.

1.Yamaha PSR-E363

The Yamaha PSR E363 is a 61-Key Touch Sensitive Portable Keyboard for beginners. It has onboard lessons that makes learning to play the piano fast and easy and is affordable in a budget under ₹15,000. It’s also packed with digital capabilities and advanced functions that enables a beginner to create various songs and sounds which makes it better from other beginner keyboards. It’s an excellent keyboard for the next generation of digital musicians as it supports dual mode which allows two users to use it at the same time. But it produces lot of knocking sounds and the function buttons are not properly placed and sized.The USB TO HOST terminal allows us to connect to your mobile or computer and record good quality audio without the need for an additional interface.

2.Yamaha PSR-E463

The Yamaha PSR E463 is an ideal budget keyboard for beginners. It can be explored for creating and playing all kinds of music. It has 61 keys with 758 sounds covering a wide range of instruments and 235 different rhythms. It provides great features in an affordable, portable package of a budget under ₹20,000 and one can surely consider it as great as a starter instrument but it is also perfect for more experienced players. Groove Creator is fully playable with Intro, Section change and Musical Climax and a Quick Sampling function that allows you to store your own customised samples on USB or in internal memory for instant usage as per your need. The keyboard lacks user-friendly compatibilitily as it takes time for one to understand all it’s features  This keyboard has powerful built-in speakers and several live-ready features along with the Live Control Knob that will allow beginners to have a helping hand to accompany them. It has the recording capability of upto 80 minutes and it also features connectivity with audio and midi capabilities.


You can also refer to Yamaha PSR-EW300 which is slightly cheaper than Yamaha PSR-E436. But it would be rather beneficial to spend a bit more and opt for PSR-E436 which comes in with a few interesting features that are not available in PSR-EW300.

3.Yamaha PSR-I500

The Yamaha PSR-I500 is an ideal portable keyboard which is perfect for playing Indian music stuff for a stage show or in a cafe or restaurant. It has the Voices of 801 instruments out of which 40 are indian instruments on board. In addition to the enormous collection of preset instruments we can also add our own sample context like vocal phases,SFX,etc. It can also vary the pitch of the sampled sound you have added to match the key played. It has powerful amplifiers with bass reflex speakers. A new feature added on the request of some Indian music producers Riyaaz function too has been added which comes with 30 taals. It also comes with a split function for 2 different sounds to be produced at the same time and also has a pitch bend wheel.

The Yamaha PSR-I500 is an upgraded form of Yamaha PSR-I455 and is also considered as  the combination of Yamaha PSR-E463 and Yamaha PSR-I455.

       Features E363 E463  I500
       Keys 61 61 61
      No.of Voices 574 758 801
      No.of Preset Styles 165 235 282
      No.of Preset Songs 154 30 60
      No.of songs (user recorded) 5 10 10
      No.of Registration Banks 9 4×8 4×8
      Internal memory 1.3mb 1.7mb 1.7m
      MIDI connectivity
Sustain Pedal
Sound Quality ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Key Cushioning ⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
User Compatibility ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Based on the above chart and as per your budget, you can be sure before buying any of these models. These are the top 3 Keyboards for beginners in their price ranges that provide you the best performance. Purchasing any one of them would prove to be value for money and clearly satisfy your decision.

04 May

Top 7 Gears for Piano Beginners

A powerful message for all the followers of this blog, or rather the optimistic piano beginners, I would like to state that music is such an enthralling tool to humanity that it mesmerizes even those devoid of senses. Here I have collated a list of Top 7 Gears essential for Piano beginners to start your journey into the vast ocean of learning piano.


Metronomes are very important to maintain the beat; for many times, a pianist loses the tempo while he is playing. It is rather simpler and includes an LED light for a visual in time with the beat. They are needed separately only in acoustic pianos while digital pianos have them built-in. The pulse is measured in BPM (beats-per-minute). A tempo marking of 60 BPM is equal to one beat per second, while 120 BPM equals two beats per second.

A metronome is a tool that helps one in maintaining a steady tempo essential for learning. It can also be used in live performances and in recording studios to maintain an accurate tempo throughout the performance.

2. USB/MIDI Interface

A MIDI is a device that provides MIDI input/output to a computer and from a computer or equipment equipped with MIDI through standard 5-pin MIDI sockets. One can use a MIDI interface along with other USB devices to connect with USB devices. A MIDI link can carry 16 independent channels of information. By far, keyboards are the most commonly used MIDI controllers. And nowadays, some MIDI-equipped keyboard controllers come with USB jacks that can be plugged into computers that run music software.


3. Piano Headphones

Musicians usually put a lot of time, energy, and efforts to practice their lessons and improve their performance for a better experience by the audience. Headphones are convenient and, rather, the best gear for a high-quality audio experience with a 3D effect and surround sound. One would love the practice sessions with such efficient sound quality that the headphones provide.


To avoid disturbing others near you while practicing, for sure it is definitely a good option to buy a good pair of headphones for your digital piano or keyboard. Headphones give you a more precise and consistent sound. They make the sound more realistic and helps provide a fantabulous experience while playing your keyboard.

4. Speakers


Speakers are generally used when performing for a larger audience or when you want to present your music in a better format. A Roland RD700-series piano would be perfect for home use.  And one would need to get some kind of amplification/speaker system for it. Many speakers these days have built-in amplifiers and are called “active” speakers. It’s a matter of simplicity and personal choice. One nice thing about active speakers is that the amps and speakers are designed to work together. So we do not need to worry about matching power, resistance, etc.

5. Digit and Manual Sheet Handling

Keeping a laptop at your piano can get very hectic to be managed(as in being space consuming), as there isn’t a lot of room for the device. Having an iPad or tablet would comparitively be a better option for handling digital sheet music.


A music sheet can be managed while playing using the sheet stand and can help one to manage his/her music notes. It is very important as it will be height adjustable enabling you to maintain the correct posture while playing. It becomes necessary as it might be a problem for the artist to read the music sheet and play the piano at the same time.

6. Piano Stool

An important thing about a piano stool is that its height needs to be adjusted correctly to sit comfortably. This ensures good posture and a comfy zone where one feels relaxed while playing or practicing his lessons. When sitting at the piano, one must ensure that the arms are parallel to the floor, and your wrists placed slightly above the keyboard. Sitting at the wrong height might result in a back or shoulder ache.
There are two types of stools – a box stool and an adjustable stool. A box stool is cheaper. However, we recommend going for a quality adjustable stool to achieve the aptest height for you. Moreover, you can change the height of the stool if other members of the family play it too.

7. Pedals


For reliable piano emulation one needs pedals and out of the two/three pedals the most commonly used pedal in modern pianos and keyboard is the sustain pedal which is the rightmost of two or three pedals because it is operated with the right foot . A sustain pedal connects to the piano via the ¼ socket on the back. In the electronic keyboards, the sustain pedal is a separate attachment. It can be plugged into the socket provided on the back of the keyboard. The basic use of the sustain pedal makes it possible to keep a note or chord sounding or sustaining. This is essential when the hands move to a new position to prevent gaps in music while changing chords or lifting of hands.

03 May

‘Best 5 songs’ to Play on the Piano

The piano is an incredible instrument, and there are many wonderful people that devote their time and energy to exploring it. From classical pianists to piano teachers, there are dozens and dozens of channels dedicated to helping and teaching the piano lovers. In Bollywood, PIANO was an important Instrument to create a song situation especially in the Golden Era of Bollywood. Most leading Actors would be seen playing the piano and singing a song. Nowadays this situation is missing in our movies. It used to be a clever plot of the film director to introduce a song even when the situation didn’t demand it. Sometimes a song starts with a piano and later on switch to dance or some other scenes.

Even in 2020 people prefer to play the top hit songs that are easy and sound really cool on the piano.

1. Pehla Nasha

Pehla Nasha from the film “Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar” is the song which is a super hit and is still remembered for its entire picturization which looked so natural and for its good smoothing music and lyrics. It is one of the best evergreen youthful and romantic songs from Bollywood. The iconic intro music composed by Jatin Lalit on the piano still steals many hearts of the people and it is hard for anyone to miss this special song on Valentine’s Day!

2. Tum Hi Ho

A Bollywood hit of all time for all ages and the most preferred song to be played on the piano is Tum Hi Ho from Aashiqui 2. The magical song is soulful and always touches our hearts, a masterpiece of Arijit Singh which will always be remembered by the Bollywood industry and the jacket scene makes it more memorable. The amazing iconic intro on the piano is hard to miss. Moreover, the main theme of the movie is also composed on the piano which sounds very melodious and forms one of the finest romantic tunes. The overall song is relatively simple and can be played even by beginners.

3. Janam Janam

All SRK fans must be in love with Janam Janam from Dilwale(2015) which fills the atmosphere with complete romance. The song starts off differently if you pay close attention to it. The tempo is completely different. The music beats by Pritam are more refined and smoother. The hook also feels different along with the song being portrayed as a retro scene. The intro sounds really musical on the keyboard and is loved by many as it brings in the emotion of love. The piano also makes a good accompaniment while someone singing along or with another melody instrument.


4. Kal Ho Na Ho

Kal Ho Na Ho another great work of SRK which connects to our way of life. The song sung by Sonu Nigam and composed by Shankar Ehsaan Loy is quite relaxing and portrays how one can promote the thought of living to the fullest. Listening to the intro music on the piano alone still melts hearts and brings in a lot of emotions, either related to the movie or personal life experiences. The overall song played as a solo on the piano also sounds comforting and complete.

5. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Last but not the least, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, a song that can be best described as the perfect blend of rock and soulful music. Once again Arijit Singh and Pritam Duo turn out to be unparalleled as they put so much soulfulness to do justice to the song and the movie.  The high and lows of the song make it very enjoyable to try various left-hand patterns on the piano. The soft-sounding fast intro on the piano is something difficult in the beginning but easily achievable with practice.